Our APM platform gives you the tools to exceed reliability, safety, and performance goals.

APM Assessment

Leverage Asset Performance Management (APM) to identify gaps in your maintenance framework and use that data to evaluate options and make informed decisions.

Asset Information Management

Transform industrial data into actionable insights that help you shape the future.

Augmented Reality for Operations and Maintenance

Enhanced field of view with digital twins and guided maintenance procedures.

Condition Management

( Formerly Condition Manager )

Make the leap from reactive to proactive maintenance and early asset failure detection.

Control of Work

Plan and perform safe, compliant work on complex engineering assets.

Enterprise Asset Management

( Formerly Avantis.PRO )

Maintenance management, spares and inventory management, and complete procurement capability for asset intensive industries.

Mobile Operator Rounds

( Formerly IntelaTrac )

Industrial strength, task and workflow management for operators in the field.

Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

Reduce maintenance costs and risk through monitoring and diagnostics as a service.

Predictive Asset Analytics

( Formerly PRiSM )

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can catch asset failure before it occurs.

Risk-Based Maintenance

Balance maintenance cost and risk to pinpoint a maintenance strategy that supports business objectives.

Monitor and Control

Build tomorrow’s operational system with our Information Management, HMI, Supervisory, and Control solutions.

HMI, Supervisory, and Control

Optimize your operations and gain a real-time, actionable view of process data.

Industrial Information Management

Bridge the IT/IOT gap, access data throughout your enterprise, and benefit from insights with guidance.

Alarm Adviser

Our scalable, web-based alarm analysis tool helps you rationalise and identify nuisance alarms in your HMI/SCADA system.

Citect SCADA

Automate your industrial processes with our flexible, high-performance supervisory control and data acquisition software solution.

Communication Drivers ( Formerly OI Servers )

Our device-agnostic, multi-brand communication strategy connects you to the widest variety of hardware and software solutions.

Control Configuration Manager ( Formerly Prometheus )

Our centralised configuration and management maximises asset performance through reuse, standardisation, transparency, and simplicity.

Historian Client ( Formerly Wonderware Historian Client )

Generate even more value from Historian with powerful data analytics software that makes sense of your industrial data.

Industrial Computers

Get a head start with an Industrial Computer or panel PC Pre-loaded with our cutting-edge InTouch HMI.

Insight ( Formerly Wonderware Online InSight )

Empower users with a secure, managed Cloud solution for collecting, storing, and visualising process and performance data.

InTouch HMI (Standard Edition) ( Formerly InTouch HMI )

Our award-winning HMI visualisation software empowers you to build the future of operations.

Development Studio ( Formerly In Studio )

Utilise a unified engineering environment that allows your team to optimise engineering services, enhance application designs, promote user adoption, and lower project costs.

Dream Report

Produce comprehensive, insightful reports with easy-to-use tools.

Enterprise Historian ( Formerly Wonderware eDNA )

Collect, store, analyse, and report on operational and asset health information with our real-time data management solution.

Historian ( Formerly Wonder ware Historian )

Unlock the operational potential of any facility, single-node or multi-site by capturing and storing high-fidelity data.

Information Server

Create a single point of access to your industrial information with our secure web-based portal.

Intelligence ( Formerly Wonderware Intelligence )

Translate industrial data into valuable insights that can help you streamline your operations.

InTouch Edge HMI ( Formerly InTouch Machine Edition )

Get advanced visualisation on everything from edge to enterprise with our flexible HMI/SCADA software.

System Platform (Powered by Wonderware) ( Formerly Wonderware System Platform )

Create a common platform for SCADA, MES, and IIoT that spans your entire enterprise.


Widen your operational awareness with a real-time SCADA platform for oil and gas assets.

Plan and Schedule

Empower your people with a unified platform that spans your entire supply chain.

Enabling Agile Decisions Fueled by Human Experience

Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management is an enterprise platform that allows you to share information and enables collaborative decisions between diverse teams across the globe. From feedstock data management, trading, production planning, and network optimisation, to scheduling and performance monitoring. When your entire business has access to the same information, you can focus on discovering new ways to drive profitability.

Distribution and Network Optimisation

Brings modelling knowledge and business experience of different teams together to find robust and realisable value in the total supply chain.

Enterprise Crude Knowledge Management

The first system to allow organisations to maintain, improve, and distribute their crude oil experience easily across diverse teams.

Production Planning

Show teams the implications of supply chain decisions on the business as a whole so they can better see where to make improvements.

Production Scheduling

Decision-support tools that provide fast, accurate, and transparent information on current and future production schedules.

Operate and Optimize

Shape the future with software that optimizes operations.

Batch and Hybrid Process Operations Management

Reduce costs, safeguard quality, and enforce compliance with digital manufacturing execution, inventory, quality, performance, batch, and recipe management.

Continuous Process Operations Management

Maximise profitability with real-time information on operations and processes and an accurate, current picture of inventory quantities and quality.

Optimise Operations

Monitor, control, and optimise performance with solutions that let you see what’s possible. Pursue and deliver untapped business value as your team reaches for elevated goals.

Workflow Management

( Formerly Wonderware Skelta BPM )

Empower your people to work together in new ways with our digital workflow management. Free up productivity and provide more chances to work across silos and systems.

Automation Solutions

We are specialized to support and enhance the bottom line of your business by providing value added services in the Industrial Automation arena. Our technical expertise and domain experts from various process industries can bolster your Projects from concept to Commissioning. These services are ideal for European and American OEM’s, End Customers with large engineering teams and System Integrators.

Engineering Resource Outsourcing

This Business Unit covers the complete Engineering Needs in the Industrial Automation space. We work on the basis of the Virtual Team concept with many of our customers.
We conduct a do-diligence of the customer’s Engineering Process and come up with Innovative Solutions and Business approach to create a cost effective model that will add to our customer’s bottom line.

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Innovative Contrrols

We are a 25 year old entrepreneur in the Automation Industry .  We Serve across India, as well as we do export all around the globe


If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!

Innovative Contrrols

We are a 25 year old entrepreneur in the Automation Industry .  We Serve across India, as well as we do export all around the globe

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